President Donald Trump Gets Phone Hurled at Him During NRA Introduction

President Donald Trump just had a phone hurled at him during his introduction and an NRA [...]

President Donald Trump just had a phone hurled at him during his introduction and an NRA convention.

In a video clip shared on Twitter, the U.S. President can be seen walking toward the podium when the phone suddenly appears, after being launched toward the stage.

Journalist Bradley Brewer reports that "the individual was swiftly arrested and the President continued with no problem."

Many have been commenting on the alleged attempted assault of the President, with one Twitter user saying, "This was a dry run. Phones can be made to explode. Scary."

"Just goes to show how economically wasteful the libs are! Have you bought a phone lately? They're expensive," another person joked.

"How does that kind of crap happen? I hope the perp is beaten severely by the SS prior to arrest," someone else commented.

"They ban guns at the [NRA] convention. Maybe they will ban phones, too?" one other person quipped.

Some have wondered if the person who threw the phone was simply waving and it flew out of their hand.

"Bad aim! Are they sure he was not waving and it flew out of his hands?" a Twitter user inquired. "That's like something I would do."

"It would be best for that person to argue they were not trying to hit the President. It would seem more plausible," a second individual suggested.

"I believe it was a slip. He waved to hard. The phone flew the other way," one last commenter said.

If the phone was indeed thrown intentionally, Trump is not the first President to be the victim of airborne debris being tossed him. Former President George W. Bush once had a shoe thrown at him during a press conference.

At this time, the current status of the alleged phone thrower is unknown.