Police Still Searching for California Woman Recorded Delivering Racist Rants

Police are reportedly still actively searching for a woman who delivered at least two racist rants in southern California recently. The woman has been identified as 56-year-old Lena Hernandez and is wanted by police in and around Los Angeles. When she is found, she may face charges for her angry outbursts, according to a report by TMZ.

Hernandez has been the subject of two viral videos now, showing her spewing racist rhetoric in the Los Angeles area. Police say that they can arrest her for making criminal threats at the very least, but previous incidents may warrant even more significant charges. They have now searched her most recently listed addresses but found that she was not living there anymore. They are asking the public for any information that may lead them to Hernandez.

Police have received at least two reports of Hernandez making criminal threats against them recently. Another department in Torrance, California, said that the same woman had been involved in at least three recent confrontations — all of which involved racism as a leading factor. One incident back in October even got physical, with Hernandez reportedly assaulting a Good Samaritan who tried to stop her from harassing a janitor.

At least three of Hernandez's victims are calling for her to be prosecuted for these incidents. The details of her case are reportedly circulating around the City Attorney's Office, with officials trying to decide whether or not to press charges. In the meantime, police want to get ahold of Hernandez in case they do.

Hernandez has been caught on camera confronting people in the L.A. area recently, with videos of the encounters circulating on social media. She has been deemed a "Karen" by the angry masses — a new slang term for a self-righteous woman, particularly those accused of racism.


In one video, Hernandez was seen harassing an Asian American man, ordering him to "go home" — apparently meaning Asia, not his actual residence. Throughout the video, she repeatedly threatens that he will be "f—ed to death."

The other clip shows Hernandez interfering with an Asian American woman's workout at a park, then warning her that Hernandez's family will beat her if she doesn't leave the country. Although the woman tried to de-escalate the situation and let Hernandez pass, she remained in the area for several minutes shouting slurs, insults and threats at her. The videos have circulated widely on social media, where many amateur sleuths are working to locate Hernandez.