Police Return to Brian Laundrie's Family Home to Breakup Gathering Protestors

Police were called to Brian Laundrie's family's home in response to calls of protests going on outside the home. TMZ reports protestors have been camped out in front of the Laundrie's home and North Port police had to threaten the groups with tickets. 

The crowd gathered on Saturday, yelling chants of "Hey hey, ho ho ... the dirty Laundrie's got to go," in front of the house along with some other phrases. They've also erected a small memorial in Petito's honor in the Laundrie's front yard. The aim of the group was supposedly to push the Laundrie parents to tell police where Brian was hiding as the manhunt for him continues

Authorities have been looking into Laundrie's disappearance since his parents reported him missing on Sept. 17. The family claims Brian went on a nature hike days prior and has no way to contact him since he's in the wilderness without any means of communication. Investigators have been searching for him in the 25,000 acres Carlton Reserve. 

Brian was named a person of interest in his fiance Gabby Petito's case. Petito's body was discovered in Wyoming's Grand Teton. National Park in September. Authorities have ruled her death a homicide. Gabby and Brian were said to have been on a cross-country road trip, driving her 2012 Ford Transit van when she initially went missing. Her parents reported her disappearance to police in Suffolk County, New York on Sept. 11. 

A federal court in Wyoming has issued a warrant for Laundrie's arrest on a single count indictment. Officials claim he "knowingly and with intent to defraud" used an unauthorized Capitol One bank card, spending a total of $1,000 between August 30 and September 1.


"The warrant doesn't change anything for us," North Port Police Commander Joe Fussell said. "We're working as hard to find him now as we did on day one." He added, "We are not wasting our time out here. We are doing our due diligence to find Brian in an area that intelligence had led us that he could possibly be in."