Police Officer Killed in Las Vegas Leaves Behind Instructions

A fallen officer Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was laid to rest on Friday with a special memorial ceremony planned by the late officer himself.

Charleston Hartfield was killed on Oct. 1 during the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting, and he had already planned his memorial in case he had ever been killed in the line of duty.

His widow Veronica discovered a file on Hartfield's computer entitled "Charleston Hartfield's Memorial Service." She carried on out his wishes in a somber but joyous ceremony held in Henderson, Nevada, as People reports.

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"Veronica, if you're reading this, then I have been called home," Hartfield wrote. "Nothing I type will make this any easier, so I will get to the facts. My largest request: Please do not allow anyone to wear black. Black is totally depressing and I don't want anyone expressing their sorrow over my passing,"

Aside from attire, the late officer also wanted the stories to be authentic and not necessarily bland tales of how great of a guy he was.

"I would like for everyone to enjoy themselves," Hartfield wrote. "And remember me for who I was. The truth only. None of that stuff about how great I was. Only real stories."

Additionally Hartfield, who was a Nevada Army National Guard sergeant first class, had instructions about where he was to be buried and how he imagined he'd spend the afterlife.

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"The only way I would like to be placed in the ground is if it's in a veteran's area," he wrote. "That way myself and the crusty old vets can hold formations and continue to protect and serve our great country once more."

Numerous family, friends and peers came together to honor Hartfield, who was in the midst of protecting his wife and civilians when he was killed.


"That night, in a hail of gunfire, Charlie's last actions spoke for him," Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said. "He took actions to save lives,"

See photos from the ceremony below.