Playboy Model Shares Intimate Photos to 'Normalize' Public Breastfeeding

A playboy model dubbed the "world's hottest mother" is sharing intimate photos of herself and her 16-month-old son in hopes to "normalize" breastfeeding.

•FOR YOU I'LL DO ANYTHING• Everyone's journey is different! 🙏🏻I knew that from the start so I promised to not crucify myself if I was not able to. But when I learned that breastfeeding was the best gift I could ever give my son before he was born, I prayed that I would be able to give my son this gift! Nutrients anti-bodies and infection fighting liquid gold. I was so careful with everything I ate while I was pregnant to make sure I nurtured his every cell through my nutritional intake in case I was not granted the opportunity to feed him the way I had planned. It was not even a question when he was born, I was committed to do everything I could, to do what I personally thought was the best for MY son. To me this gift of love was worth fighting for. Trust me, there were patchy moments... plugged ducts, pain, and fear when I thought my son may not be getting enough milk. That's a terrifying thought when you have a baby that won't take a bottle or a pacifier! Thankfully I was assured that everything was good and working the way mother nature intended after I went to a breastfeeding specialist. Today I can barely believe that we are going on 16months strong! (Still no bottle or pacifier) I know he's happy because I get kisses for making sure he's satisfied even if we get dirty looks in public. (As many breastfeeding moms know a babies got to do what a babies got to do at anytime, anywhere!) I'm so proud of us both for hanging in there! It's incredible how this beautiful bonding has connected us. This special relationship shared by the two of us is something I'm beyond grateful for! It makes me a little emotional to know that he could be ready to move on any day and the special moments will come to an end, 🙈😥but knowing this.. I will never take the beauty of our moments together for granted.❤️ Happy #nationalbreastfeedingweek mamas, soon to be mamas, and even future mamas who get the beautiful baby surprise I did! Xoxo love you all❤️ Mom swag BF top = @bellybandit Baby swag Fun filters = Snapchat #motivation #inspire #momlife #fitmom #blogger #baby #breastfeeding

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The Daily Mail reports that Ildiko Ferenczi, who appeared in Playboy after giving birth to her only son Daniel in April 2016, claims that having a child has made her feel "sexier in every single way."

"I feel sexier in every single way. Even when I was pregnant I felt so sexy. It's something I never thought I'd feel, but I did," she said.

"Women's bodies are so beautiful in every shape and size there is something so empowering about the journey of motherhood," she said.

The actress, who has appeared in Smallville and Flash Gordon, has shared multiple Instagram photos while breastfeeding her son in attempts to help de-stigmatize breastfeeding in public.

"I don't care what anyone thinks. I strongly feel that no one should be afraid to breast-feed in public," she said.

•HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRECIOUS SON, MY FEROCIOUS LIL LION, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING• Everyday I thank God for choosing me to be my darling sons's a prayer only a mother that never thought a baby was possible knows. Thank you for teaching me all the life lessons that add to my strength courage and fearlessness. To me #MothersDay is a day I can reflect on our journey together and all the incredible things we have encountered as a team❤our love for each other is undeniable. I promise that I will never give up on my dreams because then you to will never give up on yours! I promise to you that I will be here with you every step of your way to guide you to what ever your heart beats for! I love you more than anything my little prince 👑 xoxo Ps My beautiful mother supporters out there #happymothersday! I hope I can continue being your inspiration and motivation. Mothers tell me that they can't look away from my public journey as they love how I do it all🙈 Many mothers have even messaged me to share a deep pain that they gave up on every wish because they had a child, but now because of my journey they are changing their thought process.😍 I believe when I had my son is when, for me anyways... it was most important to live out dreams as I bring my son on this journey of mine, just as my mother did with me. I know how unbelievably valuable it was for me! Thank you mom for making me fierce & unstoppable💎 • • • Baby jeans @armani Top @etsy Belt @bcbgmaxazria Gown @windsorstore ty @legendofmatthew for capturing this pic I had no idea you took❤💎🌈 • • • • • • #motivation #inspiration #blessed #lifegoals #fitmom #goals #babyboy #babylove #baby #babyfashion #babyface #myson #prince #luxury #cute #beautiful #bestoftheday #instagood #jetsetter #travel #momlife #dadlife #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeeding

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"It's not about them, or me, the priority is to make sure my son gets the nutrition he needs. A child's body is going to signal when they need nutrition and that will happen any time or any place."


Ferenczi says she hopes to inspire not only other nursing moms, but to also serve as a lesson to her son once he gets older.

"If anything, I hope to leave a valuable example to my son: to be fearless, stick to his beliefs, break rules, be open to opportunities, and follow his dreams."

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