Planet Fitness Member Allegedly Kicked From Gym Over Size of Water Bottle

A Planet Fitness member was allegedly kicked out of a gym by a member of the staff because of an oversize water bottle in a video that earned renewed interest on Reddit this week. The video was originally published by the man in the video on YouTube in 2019, but it gained new life as Reddit users debated the events. The Planet Fitness' list of rules on its website notes that water bottles too big to fit in the holders on its gym equipment are banned.

In the video, a Planet Fitness staffer told the man filming that he could not use the half-gallon water bottle he brought with him. The man claimed that the rule was not posted anywhere in the gym, notes Daily Dot. "It's just an arbitrary rule that you pull out of [the] air, that you can't show me in writing, [and] that you don't have posted anywhere in your gym," the man told the staffer. She apparently agreed with him that employees can change the rules as they see fit, but the man continued to protest.

"I go to multiple Planet Fitness's (sic) and never have an issue. And she cannot provide me with any written documentation showing me that that is part of her policy. Nor is it posted anywhere in the gym," the man said. He continued questioning the policy, to the point that the employee asked him to leave. "I'll go ahead and leave since you asked me to leave. But this video will be out and it'll be showing you and your face," he said at the end of the video.

Although the water bottle policy might not have been posted on a sign at the Planet Fitness location in the video, it is listed on the website. "Water bottles must fit in holders and must be kept out of aisles and walkways," one rule reads. "Gallon jugs are not allowed on club floor" is another rule.

Planet Fitness has responded to questions about the policy on other social media platforms. In 2013, a customer complained about a friend who was told he couldn't drink from a gallon jug on the gym floor. "Our gyms are outfitted and geared towards the first-time gym user, and we strive to provide a non-intimidating atmosphere, which is why we do not allow gallon water jugs to be brought in. We do allow water bottles," the company responded on Facebook. "We thank you for your post and have a great day!"

Elsewhere, Planet Fitness has claimed the ban on big water bottles is for safety. "Gallon jugs are not allowed on the club floor," the company wrote to a customer on Twitter in 2017. "Water bottles should fit in holders & must be kept out of the aisles/walkways."

There aren't too many fans of the policy. "The no judgment zone throws a lot of judgment towards people already fit," one person wrote on Reddit. "A no judgment zone judging? Makes sense," another commented. "Planet Fitness does not want anyone to actually come to the's literally their business model. They keep the price low enough that people will continue to pay it, even though they don't ever go," another wrote.