Pizza Hut Reportedly Bringing Back P'Zone

Pizza Hut is reportedly bringing back its take on the calzone, the P'Zone, next week.

Pizza Hut's menu is getting an old classic back on Monday, March 18 in the form of the P'Zone. The crispy treat has been missed by fans for years, and rumors of its return have circulated on and off for all that time. Finally, on Friday, Chew Boom reported that it would be back in stores soon.

The hopes for the P'Zone regained prominence last week when Pizza Hut posted a link to its website on Twitter. There, fans found a release teasing "A Legend Returns" on Monday, and hoped that it might be the P'Zone. While Pizza Hut has not offered any more official details, a source in the company told reporters that it is in fact the doughy delight.

For those that are not familiar, the P'Zone consists of Pizza Hut's beloved pizza dough folded over itself and filled with your choice of pizza toppings. The concoction is baked and topped with seasoning for an ideal fast food experience.

Sources indicate that there will be three versions of the P'Zone on sale this time around — Meaty, Pepperoni and Supremo. It will still be a characteristically cheap option, with the price ranging between $5 and $6.99.

Fans have had their fingers crossed for the P'Zone all week on social media. Pizza Hut's Twitter mentions are full of enthusiasts asking about the calzone hybrid, and warning about what their wastelines might look like if it came back.

"If the P'Zone comes back, I'm gettin' CHUNKY," one person joked.

"Hey @pizzahut how about bringing back the #pzone. #pizzalovers would be happy!" added another.

"If that's not the P'zone, I don't know what it could be," a third person reasoned.

Some people were also nostalgic for the P'Zone's original run. For many, it represented their primary experience with calzones and having it back would be a kind of homecoming for their palette.


"We all have information slip through the cracks. I once had to inform someone that not all calzones were P'Zones, that the P'Zone was a marketing/naming technique specifically for Pizza Hut," someone shared.

Pizza Hut is still playing it close to the vest, with a countdown on its website promising "A Legend" will return on Monday morning. For P'Zone lovers, there's not much to do besides keep their fingers crossed in the meantime.