Pit Bulls Maul 7-Year-Old Boy to Death

A neighborhood in Lowell, Massachusetts is still shaken by the death of a seven-year-old boy who was allegedly mauled by two pit bulls.

According to the Boston Globe, the boy was mauled late Saturday afternoon when he entered a fenced area near a home. The Middlesex district attorney's office, which did not release the boy's name, said one of the dogs escaped. After it was found, the dog was euthanized. The other dog was captured by animal control.

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Middlesex district attorney's office spokeswoman Meghan Kelly told the Globe no charges have been brought yet as the investigation continues.

A witness, David Swaniarski told the Globe his roommate heard the boy screaming and woke him up. They ran outside and saw the two dogs dragging the boy. Swiniarksi said one had the boy by the neck and another by his legs.

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About 15 people watched the horrific scene, Swiniarski said. Many of them screamed, but the witness said the boy was "already gone" by the time they arrived.

Another witness, Steven Kul, told the Globe he saw the victim's mother run out to the scene. "My baby is dead!" Kul heard her yell.

Jean Remon said she saw the owner's girlfriend crying after the boy died. She said the girlfriend often told children not to go anywhere near the dogs.

Giovanni E. Miranda told the Globe he knew the boy loved dogs and would always try to pet one. He said he arrived after the boy died and saw his mother crying at the scene.

"There can't be anything worse than to lose a 7-year-old to a dog," Miranda said.


A Globe reporter visited the boy's house. A young man and a woman at the house did not comment.

The Lowell Sun reports that the City Council already approved an ordinance on pit bulls in 2011 after attacks at the time. The Responsible Pit Bull Ownership Ordinance keeps owners from having more than two pit bulls and requires them to be spayed or neutered. They also must wear a muzzle or be in an enclosure.