People Fascinated by Depressing Christmas Magazine Cover

Christmas means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, and for many Twitter users, it means the time of year they get to obsess over a depressing Christmas magazine cover.

U.K. magazine That's Life has unveiled the cover to their "Christmas bumper issue," and Twitter is going crazy for it.

For the most part, people are commenting on which bizarre story teased on the cover that they most relate to. There are quite a few to choose from, such as the one about the 3-year-old who "hated his gifts" so much that he burned his house down, and the one about a woman and her son being left by her husband on Christmas Day. Apparently the reveal of who he left them for is quite "shocking."

One Twitter user wrote, "I’m tot (3) who hated his gifts so much he burnt the house down," while another joked, "I don’t think Santa gives a s— that their house burned down. He’d be back at the North Pole by then, playing gin rummy with Prancer."


Another popular story is the one where someone wanted "Uggs" for Christmas, but the hearing-impaired gifter must have heard "pugs" and delivered over a dozen of them, all dressed in adorable little Christmas sweaters.

Whatever bizarre or depressing Christmas story you might need in your life, this magazine has got it covered.