Pedialyte Releases New Hangover Cure Product

If you've ever sipped on some Pedialyte to attempt to cure your hangover, the company has heard your plea and has released Sparkling Rush Powder Packs, which aim to combat dehydration.

Aside from the obvious use as a hangover cure, the packets can also come in handy after an especially intense workout or any other activity that might cause one to be in need of a few electrolytes.

To use them, simply add cold water before enjoying in your preferred flavor — the packs are offered in cherry and grape flavors.

The packs are formulated with "optimal balance of electrolytes and sugar," and according to their website, they're able to "replace fluids and electrolytes more effectively than sports drinks to help prevent dehydration caused by vomiting, diarrhea, exercise, travel, and heat exhaustion."

While the packets are currently backordered on Amazon, they're still available on Target's website as well as in stores.

Pedialyte claims on its website that its formula is better than many sports drinks, another common hangover remedy, due to the fact that it has two times more electrolytes, which can help in recovery, and two times less sugar, which can make symptoms worse.

Twitter is already praising the packets ahead of New Year's Eve, with one person cracking, "My champagne won’t be the only thing sparkling on New Years."

Others are posting photos of their New Year's Eve survival kits, which include a heavy does of the Powder Packs.

There were also people who are actually using the packs after they exercise.

Someone else joked that the craze around the product is nothing new.


Still another joked that there's a new hot drink in town now.

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