Paris Hilton Draws Heat Over Post About Hurricane Harvey Victims

Paris Hilton is the latest celebrity to pledge her support to Hurricane Harvey victims. But instead of helping the people of Houston and surrounding cities, she has her sights on aiding the animals, which was met with some backlash.

The 36-year-old socialite posted a series of heartbreaking images on Instagram of dogs in outdoor cages with flood waters up to their chests following the devastation of the storm.

"This is so heartbreaking to see what #HurricaneHarvey has done. These poor innocent souls. I want to make donations. What are the most reliable, credible animal charities that are really using the funds to help them?" she captioned the photos.

Hilton's post has garnered nearly 30,000 likes in less than 10 hours after posting, but opinions are mixed in the comments section.

Some fans praised the entertainer for her willingness to help out Texas' furry friends.

"Thank you for always bringing awareness to these topics that no one wants to talk about. We need to help our animals, they don't know how to talk but they do know how to show their unconditional love. everyone please donate to animal shelters in Texas, they really need our help!!!" one wrote.

Hilton also got her wish as the comments flooded with fans suggesting various animal charities and shelters that could use donations in this time of need and their benefits and efforts thus far.

Other followers, though, weren't so thrilled with Hilton's post. From the 'animals over humans' debate to her choice to send a check, some met her request with criticism.

"Go there! Make the donations in person.. Help them yourself, sometimes writing a check from far away is not enough," said one follower. Another added, "Sometimes helping in person is the best and only way!"

Others told the former The Simple Life reality lead that her money would be better spent by helping the people, not the animals, of Houston. "You don't care for other people! It's just dogs!" one user wrote. Another said, "A person is more important than a dog Paris," and a follower added, "Probably should focus on the helping all the humans first though."

Another criticized Hilton's choice to wear animal products as part of her extensive wardrobe. "Don't pretend you care about animals, you support animals being skinned alive, what about their poor innocent souls?" they asked.

Hilton hasn't responded to any comments, but this bunch has diverse thoughts on her willingness to donate to animal charities or shelters.

She isn't the first celebrity to share her concern on social media for the animals affected by Hurricane Harvey.


Hilary Duff included the animals in a heartbreaking post about her hometown and Miranda Lambert has been heading animal rescue efforts in the heart of the affected area. Rachael Ray also donated $1 million to support animal rescue after the storm.

Information on how to donate to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts can be found here.

Photo credit: Instagram / @parishilton