Gero and Paeka Break up, Ending Beloved TikTok and YouTube Relationship

TikTok stars Paeka and Gero have broken up, and fans are beside themselves with grief. The social media sensations announced their split this weekend, and then promptly made many of their most-followed channels private. Their followers are still trying to make sense of the breakup.

Paeka Degallo and Gerohan Irias have risen to the upper echelon of social media stardom in recent years, in many ways thanks to their highly-publicized romance. They were known for slice-of-life videos on both TikTok and YouTube, but now the content has been removed from both of those platforms and the accounts stripped bare. Meanwhile, both of their personal TikTok accounts have been made private, and there are no updates on their Instagram or Twitter accounts either.

News of the breakup comes from one Instagram Story post by Paeka, now either deleted or expired. Fans have been circulating the message through screenshots on Twitter. It reads: "Hey guys. Wanted to come on here because I know a lot of you have been worried [and] curious about where [and] how I've been. It's been very overwhelming to be in a position where I feel like I have to explain myself [and] my relationship because life is already very hard privately [and to be honest] I was just not ready yet to have all the pain out there for what feels like the whole world to just watch [and] form their own opinions on."

"But yes, Gerohan [and] I broke up," she continued. "In the most respectful way we are going to go through this privately off of social media and take time to heal [and] focus on self love. I feel at a loss for words but I hope you all understand."

Since that statement, the former couple has made only sparse posts, with no further commentary on their split. Paeka posted a series of four selfies on Instagram, showing that he had dyed her long hair brown and posing in several different positiosn so that fans could judge its affect. Meanwhile, Gero posted two photos of himself on icy outdoor steps in Austin, Texas, wearing all-black sweats with a pair of pink and white sneakers beneath.


Gero also shared two updates on his Instagram Story, apparently documenting an outdoor trip on Saturday afternoon. One was a selfie from the driver's seat of a car with people in the back seat, while the other was a wide shot of a frozen river.

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Fans have commented on all of these posts with questions and anxiety about the couple's mental states. Many are hoping for more updates to come soon.