Over 660 US Flights Canceled as Hurricane Dorian Takes Aim at Florida

As Hurricane Dorian looms heavy over the eastern coast of the United States, travelers might want to rethink attempting to fly anywhere this week. Ahead of its landfall in Florida and other neighboring states, at least 665 flights have been canceled according to CNN.

The canceled flights include any flights coming into the country, out of the country and within the countries. These flights were all due to takeoff on Monday according to the outlet, meaning Labor Day could be a troubling time for those who were looking to get back in town after their final summer celebration.

As CNN points out, Florida airports are seeing the most cancellations out of the grouping. Orlando International Airpor has canceled at least 119 flights on Monday, while Fort Lauderdale International has canceled 99 flights and 52 flights have been canceled at Palm Beach International airport.

Hurricane Dorian was raised to a category 5 hurricane before slamming into the Bahamas earlier on Sunday. Local reports indicated strong 185 mph sustained winds, with gusts hitting 220 mph, heavy rains and extreme storm conditions. The aftermath, captured on video and posted on social media, showed a scene of complete devastation and an eerie prelude for what the Florida coast might face.

"I have seen utter devastation here in Marsh Harbour. We are surrounded by water with no way out," ABC News reporter Marcus Moore described in the Bahamas. "Absolution devastation, there really are no words it is pure hell here on Marsh Harbour on the Avoca Islands in the northern part of the Bahamas."

President Donald Trump spoke about agency efforts to prepare for the hurricane and urged Floridians to heed the warnings of officials on the ground.

"I ask everyone in Hurricane Dorian's path to heed all warnings and evacuation orders from local authorities," Trump said. "It looks like they're going to have to be giving them, unfortunately."


"It's been lurking, it's just been building out there," the president continued. "It's been moving very slowly, and it's a bad thing, not a good thing. The slower it moves, the bigger it is and the bigger it gets."

The storm isn't set to hit the Florida coast until Monday night into Tuesday morning.