Oreo Cookies Debut New Carrot Cake Flavor Earlier Than Expected

The carrot cake flavor Oreo cookies have hit store shelves earlier than expected, sending fans of the cookies into a frenzy on social media.

In December, images of the Carrot Cake Oreo leaked, and it was suspected they would hit store shelves around Easter. The cookies taste like carrot cake, with cream cheese-flavored creme in the center.

However, store reports on Instagram reveal that the cookies are already on store shelves. Instagram user phatphood, who lives in Minnesota, posted an image of the cookies outside his local target.

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"Having my cake and eating my cookies too! They flavored the cookie once again AND the creme," phtatphood wrote. "Reminds me of one of my favorites, Gingerbread [Oreo] but with a creamier and softer creme center with a nice hint of cream cheese. You could label these Pumpkin Pie Oreo and I would agree just the same. Either way, I dig these, and any carrot cake or gingerbread lovers will too."

Another Instagram user, mnmtwinz, called the cookies a "new favorite."

"The most anticipated of the three, these feature new Carrot Cake Cookie Pieces with Cream Cheese flavored Creme," the Instagram user wrote. "These are absolutely spot on! Especially when it's softened in milk, that's when it really tastes and feels like a moist carrot cake!"

While the Carrot Cake Oreos slowly make their way across the country, Twitter users are eagerly awaiting their chance to taste them.

"Am I considering ordering Carrot Cake [Oreo] from [Target] because they aren't carried locally? Yes, yes I am," one person wrote.

"If anyone finds the carrot cake Oreos plz help a sista out I need them," added another.

"I owe my sugar break to the new Carrot Cake Oreo . Bruh! Like omgahhhh run don't walk," one Oreo fan tweeted.

"The day you offer me a carrot cake flavored Oreo ... is the day I cut you and your toxicity out of my life," added another.

The Carrot Cake Oreo is one of three new flavors being launched in early 2019. The other two are Dark Chocolate and Love, Oreo. Both Carrot Cake and Dark Chocolate will be permanent flavors, while Love, Oreo will be a limited edition flavor for Valentine's Day.

Mondelez International, which makes Oreo cookies, will also be releasing Easter egg-shaped Oreos and a "Most Stuf" Oreo, which has three times as much creme as the regular Oreo, are also expected to hit store shelves this year.


There is also a rumor that the Mint Chocolate Chip Baskin-Robbins Oreos will be released this year, but Baskin-Robbins and Mondelez have yet to formally announce it.

Photo credit: Twitter/@vee_row