Oreo Introduces 4 New Flavors Debuting This Summer

There are four new flavors of Oreos on the way this summer for cookie enthusiasts everywhere.

Oreo has been experimenting on new products a lot in recent years, sometimes with great success and sometimes not. The company has tried out some bold and unconventional flavors at times, but this summer most of the new entries seem pretty logical. A fifth one will follow at the end of August to capitalize on the transition into fall.

First, Oreo is bringing back the S'Mores flavor. The limited edition summer cookie combines marshmallow and chocolate flavors on a graham cracker cookie, compacting the summertime favorite into one manageable treat. The limited edition cookies are out this month, so customers need to grab them while they can.

Next month, Oreo will try something a little more energizing: a latte creme flavored cookie. The flavor will be added to Oreo thins, the small, crispier version of the confection. Oreo plans to make latte creme thins a permanent addition to their lineup, although customers will have their say in a couple of weeks.

Later on in June, the new Marshmallow Moon Oreo cookies will be out. They are purple colored and willed with marshmallow creme, though they are more thematic than flavorful. The cookies celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, with stars and moons on the packaging and the cookie itself.

In July, Oreo is teaming up with Baskin-Robbins for mint chocolate chip flavored cookies. The ice cream flavor will now be available in cookie filling, eschewing all restrictions on temperature. The cookies will even have real chocolate chips inside.

Finally, in August, Oreo is taking on a seasonal experiment with maple creme cookies. The fall-flavored treats will be timed to hit shelves just as the seasons are changing at the end of August. The golden cookies have maple flavored creme inside, and offer that distinct taste that means summer is over at last.


Ironically, Oreo sent the same message with its last specialty product. The company teamed up with HBO for a promotional Game of Thrones cookie, reminding fans that Winter is Coming. These Oreos were normal in flavor, but bore the sigils of the great houses of Westeros on their surfaces. Oreo made a big push to get fans eating the cookies throughout the final season, perhaps hoping to capitalize on the emotional stress of the big finale.

The S'Mores flavored Oreos are in stores now.