OnlyFans Model Confronted in Miami Hotel Days After Bloody Stabbing Death of Boyfriend

There's a major mystery going on, and a social media influencer/model is at the center. Christian "Toby" Obumseli's family is in search of answers for his stabbing death and his girlfriend is at the center. Per multiple reports, including one from NBC in Miami, officers reported responding to several calls reporting a disturbance at the One Paraiso apartment that Obumseli and his girlfriend Courtney Clenney shared in the Edgewater section of Miami. On April 3rd, officers were there again to discover a gruesome scene: Obumseli was bleeding out from stab wounds. Miami Fire Rescue and medics took him to a local trauma center, where a doctor later pronounced him dead. Obumseli was 27. Now, social media users and Obumseli's family are demanding answers.

Tailor is alleging self-defense and remains free as of recent reports. Multiple reports also allege she has mental health issues. A neighbor told NBC he had seen Obumseli swinging at Clenney, 25. Clenney is popular on Instagram and OnlyFans and has amassed quite the following, with reported numbers being at a minimum of 2 million. A witness video published on TMZ shows Clenney near the balcony of the condominium complex. Her clothes appeared to be full of blood.

"Clearly, none of this was intended and Courtney is struggling mentally with the aftermath of what occurred that evening," Clenney's attorney wrote in a statement that NBC reported. He added: "Courtney was defending herself." Tailor's friends and family allege she has been a victim of domestic abuse.

Other videos of the model have surfaced online in the days following her boyfriend's death and do not paint her in the best light. One TMZ video shows her in a hotel lobby just days after the murder, where she was reportedly having a drink with her father and confronted by people who believe she is responsible for her boyfriend's death.


Making things worse, Tailor appeared on the We In Miami Podcast just 2 weeks before Obumseli's death. In a clip that has since gone viral, she boasts: "Let me clarify, I only date rich Black guys." No charges have been filed against her as of yet.