Report: Omarosa Fired Over Use of White House Car Service

Omarosa Manigault's departure from the the White House was mired in confusion, as she claims to have resigned from her position while Chief of Staff John Kelly claims to have fired her. A new report from Politico may explain why.

The report focuses on General Kelly's uphill battle to maintain order and control in the Trump administration, but it drops a new piece of information about Manigault as well, stating that Kelly fired her for using the White House car service, or "CARPET," as an office pickup and drop-off service. This is reportedly forbidden by the federal government.

Politico cites three administration sources on this information. After Kelly told her she was being terminated, Manigault reportedly rushed to the White House residence, hoping to appeal her situation with President Trump himself. On the way, she reportedly tripped a Secret Service security device, which accounts for the claims that she was forcibly escorted off of the premises.

To date, Manigault still insists that she decided to leave her job as the director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison after one year. She claimed to have opportunities in the private sector that called to her.

Manigault is currently a house guest on Celebrity Big Brother. She's had a long career in reality television, with politics being only a brief interruption.

On Tuesday, Piers Morgan wrote a scathing account his time with her on Celebrity Apprentice, which was published by DailyMail. Morgan likened Manigault to a dictator or a terrorist. He claimed that she tried to entice him into a contrived "showmance," then attacked his sexuality and fatherhood when he declined.

Now that she's back on air, Manigault has been teasing the American people with hints that the Trump administration is operating poorly. On Celebrity Big Brother, she terrified Ross Matthews with her White House insight, saying "no, it's not going to be OK."

The rest of the Politico report discusses in detail how Kelly has battled a "crisis of confidence" in the White House — especially after the bombshell allegations against former staff secretary Rob Porter.


According to the report, Kelly is alone and isolated in his agenda in the West Wing. The one-time general gets little support from

President Donald Trump, who took to Twitter to call out for "due process" over the weekend, presumably referring to the case against Porter. The president had nothing to say in support of Kelly, and didn't even bother to personally address rumors that his Chief of Staff was trying to resign.