Nick Lachey Seeks Justice for Employee Who Was Shot in the Face

An employee was shot in the face outside Lachey's Sports Bar on Thursday morning in a seemingly random act of violence, and now the former boy band star is looking for help.

Nick and Drew Lachey opened Lachey's Sports Bar in 2015. The staff is a tight knit group with lots of friends in the community -- as reporters soon found out when they began asking around about Ellie Richardson.

Ellie Richardson, 27 years old, was crossing the street outside of Lachey's on the morning of Thanksgiving Day. Security footage from nearby city hall shows a man calling to her from a large, older-model van. When Richardson turned and walked towards the suspect, he produced a gun, shot her in the face, and drove off.

Richardson sustained serious injuries and was hospitalized immediately. She remains in the hospital, her condition is stable, however, the mounting medical bills are already taking a toll on her working class family. That's where the Lachey brothers come in.

Both Nick and Drew Lachey took to Twitter after the attack to promote a donation campaign for Ellie's medical expenses and care for her 3-year-old child.


Richardson was recently engaged to the father of their child.

Police in Cincinnati are also seeking help with the case. They describe the attacker as a man in his 20s, with a light beard and gold-rimmed glasses. They've posted pictures of the van taken from security footage.