New York Woman Claims 'Red-Eyed' Bigfoot Trespassed on Lawn, Grabbing Trash Cans and Damaging Shed

A woman in Ulster County, New York claims that a massive red-eyed creature that could only be the mythic Bigfoot has been stalking her property all year. Jane Vespe has shared her story with News 12 Brooklyn, including the details of the damage caused so far and her personal encounter with the creature. She has people around the country paying closer attention.

"I saw the eyes. It stood about 10-11 feet tall, and my heart was racing," Vespe told reporters. She lives in the town of Highland, New York — about two hours north of New York City and right on the banks of the Hudson River. She said that the "Bigfoot" has been prowling her property since January of 2021 and that she has seen it herself four times now. The most recent encounter was just last Thursday.

"These eyes were really red, and I looked out my window and I saw it. It was scary because it was standing on my lawn, and I knew it was out there," she said. Vespe said that the creature has moved her garbage cans across her lawn and damaged her shed. She also believes it is banging on the outside of her house, and she said she frequently hears loud, strange noises at night.

So far, neighbors have been skeptical of Vespe's claims, judging by a News 12 Brooklyn poll on Twitter. Still, her story joins a growing list of contemporary cryptid sightings and an apparent rise in general interest in the strange creatures. Urban legends like Bigfoot, the Chupacabra, the Dog Man and werewolves have all been in the headlines recently.

Another viral case just this month was posted on TikTok by user Mike Bodewitz, who claims he caught Bigfoot on camera while hiking in Oregon. Bodewitz's encounter happened on Thursday, April 15. The hiker claimed that the creature in his video was "clearly watching" him on the trail.


"This could be literally anything," one skeptic commented. "Nothing is showing anything specific for people to be so excited about... just some fur between the bushes." Another person wondered if this was a parody, while a third wrote: "The only thing I see moving is the camera. How can you determine what that is when the view is obstructed and the camera is so shaky?"

Still, amateur cryptid research draws huge audiences with new podcasts dedicated to the creatures cropping up all the time. They can also help promote tourism and provide a bit of fun for thriller fans. Hopefully, whatever is happening outside Vespe's house will work itself out soon.