Did This Oregon Hiker Capture Bigfoot in This TikTok Video?

An Oregon hiker claims he spotted Bigfoot or a Sasquatch, and shared what he saw in a series of TikTok videos, beginning last month. Mike Bodewitz claims he saw the mythical beast in a forest. It's no surprise that this claim comes from Oregon, which has one of the highest rates of reported sasquatch sightings per capita, according to the Bigfoot Field Research Organization.

Bedowitz began posting videos on TikTok claiming that he saw a Sasquatch on April 15. In one, he claimed the footage showed the beast "watching" him. On April 19, he shared a video claiming people should "clearly" see Bigfoot. Last week, he posted a video claiming he saw the Sasquatch as he was walking to a ravine. Incredibly, Bedowitz claims he could tell the beast was "clearly" watching him even though he could not see any "facial features" of the creature. Bedowitz also claimed it could not be a tree stump because it was "high off the ground." He also said he did not get closer to the animal because he did not want to scare it away.


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Many of the TikTok users who saw the video were not convinced. "This could be literally anything," one person wrote. "Nothing is showing anything specific for people to be so excited about... just some fur between the bushes." Another noted there as "nothing to see here [people], move along." Another wondered if this was a parody. "The only thing I see moving is the camera," another wrote. "How can you determine what that is when the view is obstructed and the camera is so shaky?"

Oregon is among the states with the most bigfoot sightings, reports the Bend Bulletin. Last year, the Bigfoot Field Research Organization, which is hoping to prove the beast is real, reported that Oregon has the highest rate of reported Bigfoot sightings per capita for a state without a sales tax. Residents have reported 254 bigfoot sightings, which means there are six reports per 100,000 residents. Washington has seen 8.9 reported sightings per 100,000 residents, but the state has a sales tax.

Matt Moneymaker, executive director of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization, noted that many reports from Oregon center on unexplained screams. "We got an awful lot of reports from Oregon that were sound-only reports, and we don't post most of those," he told the Bulletin. "We just have to be judicious... We've got so many people who say it's the scariest thing they've ever heard. But he was talking about a low pitch that puts it out of the realm of coyotes or owls."


There have been alleged bigfoot sightings all over the country though. In Oklahoma, State Rep. Justin Humphrey even wanted to issue a $25,000 bigfoot bounty as part of a tourism promotion. The bounty ballooned to over $2 million aster movie producers and other private businesses joined in.