New York Subway Work Trains Collide in Tunnel, 1 Injured

It's been reported that two New York City subway trains collided Wednesday morning, sending one person to the hospital to be treated for injuries.

According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the two trains "bumped into each other" in the early morning hours but did not derail.

One of the trains was in motion at the time of the collision but the other train was stationary, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The incident took place in the 53rd Street tunnel, which transports passenger subway trains between the New York City boroughs of Queens and Manhattan.

Reportedly, a section of the tunnel on the Queens side has been undergoing some repairs.

There were no passengers on board the trains at the time of the accident, but there were five MTA employees.

The injured person was transported to the hospital for injuries that were reportedly non-life-threatening.

Officials from the city fire department confirmed that firefighters did rescue and remove the one individual from the east River side of the tunnel.

The New York City Subway has had a very intense few months. Prior to this train collision a man allegedly attempted to set off a bomb in a section of the city's subway tunnel.

Akayed Ullah, 27, a Bangladeshi immigrant, has been accused of detonating a homemade bomb in a passageway underneath the Port Authority Bus Terminal. The incident took place on Monday morning.

According to Joon Kim, acting U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, Ullah chose the location in order to "murder as many innocent human beings as he could and to blow himself up in the process — all in support of a vicious terrorist cause."


"He had strapped to his body an IED [improvised explosive device], a pipe bomb that he had made using a metal pipe filled with … screws held together under his jacket with wires and zip ties," Kim added.

Luckily, only five people were injured, suffering minor injuries, but Ullah himself was said to be badly injured.