New York ICU Nurse Breaks Down in Powerful Video After Moving to City in Aid of Coronavirus Patients

New York has found itself as the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. On Tuesday, the latest numbers put out by Governor Andrew Cuomo revealed an earlier miscount and new numbers show that another 3,700 had lost their life due to COVID-19, pushing the total above 10,000 total with more than 107,000 positive cases.

As Cuomo has come to the forefront, calling for more ventilators throughout the process, he also has pushed for more help from nearby states. With his plea, many have rose to the occasion to put their best foot forward in going onto the frontlines as nurses from all over in lesser-hit areas have come to the city to offer their help. One nurse in particular moved to the hard-hit state to bring her services and documented all she has seen with a Facebook post. D'neil Schmall provided a harrowing take on all that's going on, explaining that "there's only so much anyone can take" when it comes to the chaos that is going on in New York.

"I'm tired of walking into rooms and your patient's dead. You just walk into a room, and there's a dead body there. I'm tired of calling families and telling them that news," she continues. Schamll went on to say there is nothing any nurse could do to be prepared for the sights and sounds of everything that is unfolding amid the pandemic, "I don't think people understand how stressful this job is? I was trained for anything in the world, but this is so stressful."

In total, the video goes for eight minutes as Schamll details everything she has seen and has felt through the process. She also urged everyone to take the time to have an open mind and be more mindful of all that is going on and what some people may be going through on a personal level.

"If you have ever felt any time would be appropriate to have compassion for each other, right now is the time when we should all have compassion for each other, and try to at least acknowledge what the other person is going through," she said. "I just have so much sadness."


On Thursday, Cuomo came out during his daily press briefings and shared a depressing statistic when explaining that the coronavirus has claimed more lives in the city than the 9-11 terrorist attacks, "The news isn't just bad. The bad news is actually terrible."

Photo Credit: Noam Galai/Getty Images