New York City Hit With Major Power Outage, Leaving the Internet to Make Jokes in the Dark

Thousands of New York City residents are without power thanks to a massive blackout in Midtown [...]

Thousands of New York City residents are without power thanks to a massive blackout in Midtown Manhattan. While officials tried to get the power back on and solve the mystery behind the outage, Twitter users in New York found the humor in the situation.

Power appeared to be restored to some customers a little after 10 p.m. ET.

ConEdison, the utility company that handles electricity in Manhattan, said there were about 42,000 customers left without power, mostly in Midtown Manhattan and the Upper West Side, reports CNN.

The New York City Fire Department is also responding to several transformer fires on West 64th Street and West End Avenue.

"This appears to be something that just went wrong in the way that they transmit power from one part of the city to another," Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is campaigning for president in Waterloo, Iowa, told CNN. "It sounds like it is addressable in a reasonable amount of time."

FDNY said it was helping people trapped in elevators and subway cars in the West 40s to 60s streets. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority also tweeted that there is only limited service on the 1/2/3 and 4/5/6 lines, and suggested bus transportation is the best way to get around now.

The power outage also put a significant dent in weekend plans for those hoping to see Broadway shows. The Broadway League has been retweeting several shows that have already cancelled performances. The Book of Momron, Mean Girls, Oklahoma!, Pretty Woman, Wicked, Hamilton and Aladdin are all among the shows canceled for Saturday night.

Several eerie photos have also surfaced on Twitter. One person shared a photo of Times Square's usually lit billboards all black. Another Twitter user shared a photo of a civilian helping to direct traffic before a police officer could arrive at the intersection of 66th Street and Broadway.

Notably, Saturday's outage happened on the 42nd anniversary of the infamous 1977 New York City blackout. In that case, every borough except Queens was affected, and there was mass looting and vandalism. This time though, people are more focused on joking about the incident on social media.

Photo credit: JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images