New Jersey Police Officer Charged After Allegedly Attacking Lindsay Lohan's Cousin in Pizza Parlor

An off-duty New Jersey police officer is charged with assault and battery after he and a friend allegedly beat Lindsay Lohan's cousin in a Boston pizza parlor in January.

A Suffolk County grand jury indicted Daniel Hunt, 27, with assault and battery, and Ian Salerno, 29, with aggravated assault and battery for the incident caught on security footage from Jan. 19, the Boston Herald reports.

Kevin Lohan, 24, was at a pizza shop with his girlfriend and a group of friends when off-duty police officer Hunt and Salerno entered the shop around the same time. Hunt allegedly pushed Lohan around and began an altercation, with prosecutors saying in a press release that Salerno came up behind Lohan, a student and hockey player for Boston College, and punched him in the jaw, knocking him to the round.

Lohan's injuries reportedly required surgery; his jaw was also wired shut for three weeks and permanent metal plates were placed inside his jaw and cheek, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office in Massachusetts.

Lohan's injuries were so severe the Boston College hockey team had to announce that he was out "indefinitely" for the season "after being victimized by an unprovoked assault."

Security footage obtained by Boston police showed Hunt, Salerno and others in their group allegedly drinking, according to the district attorney's release. In footage obtained by WCVB, Lohan, a friend and his girlfriend can be seen ordering pizza just before 2 a.m. as the large group enters.

Words appear to be exchanged by one member of Hunt's group and Lohan. Things turned physical despite Lohan's girlfriend's attempts to separate the group. Lohan can be seen being punched and pushed to the ground.

Lohan's girlfriend told police six to eight people began pushing their way through the line and "out of nowhere one of the suspects punched her boyfriend in the face and knocked him to the ground" and ran away, the Herald cites police reports of saying.

Prosecutors said Hunt and Salerno, of Barrington, New Jersey and Philadelphia, respectively, were both visiting Boston for a gathering that lasted into the early morning hours.

Hunt and Salerno will be arraigned on August 1 in Suffolk Superior Court, according to the district attorney. It's unclear if Hunt is still employed at the Haddon Heights Police Department in New Jersey.


Before transferring to Boston College as a graduate student, Lohan was the assistant captain for the University of Michigan's hockey team from 2016 to 2017. Lohan is reportedly studying to obtain his master's degree in sports administration.