New Girl Scout Cookie Makes Its Debut in Time for On-Demand Delivery, Virtual Cookie Booths

Girl Scout Cookie season has officially kicked off, and this year, fans will be able to order brand new Girl Scout Cookies that are sure to prove a favorite. Joining the long list of beloved classics, the 2021 cookie roster now also includes the Toast-Yay! cookie, drawing inspiration from an iconic breakfast dish.

Shaped like mini toast slices, Toast-Yay! cookies are inspired by French toast. According to the Girl Scouts' description for the new treat, "each delightful, toast-shaped cookie is full of French toast flavor and flair and stamped with the trusted Girl Scouts' signature trefoil on top." The cookie was originally announced to be joining the lineup in August 2020, with a Girl Scouts of the USA representative telling PEOPLE at the time, "the name is designed to be a play on words for 'toasty,' which evokes the warmth and joy we believe people will associate with this great new French-toast-inspired flavor."

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The new Toast-Yay! cookies will be for sale alongside all of the beloved classics – Lemon-Ups, Lemonades, Thin Mints, Caramel deLites/Samoas (depending on your region of the country), Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs, Do-si-dos/Peanut Butter Sandwich, Shortbread/ Trefoils, Toffee-tastic, Caramel Chocolate Chi, and Girl Scout S'mores. Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this year's Girl Scout cookies sales will look a little different, though, as GSUSA will be "selling in creative, socially distant, and contact-free ways." This includes opening "virtual cookie booths" to allow people to place orders online.

The GSUSA are also collaborating with delivery platform Grubhub to offer on-demand delivery, which allows for contact-free cookie orders. First revealed by PEOPLE, the partnership offers pickup or delivery on or the Grubhub app, with the delivery service waiving all fees for the organization. In a press release, GSUSA said "local Girl Scouts will track and fulfill orders, manage inventory, and more" by using "Grubhub's back-end technology."

"We're proud of the resourceful ways Girl Scouts are running their cookie businesses safely and using their earnings to make the world a better place," interim GSUSA CEO Judith Batty said. "This season, our girls will continue to exemplify what the cookie program taught them — how to think like entrepreneurs, use innovative sales tactics, and pivot to new ways of doing business when things don't go according to plan. The cookie program is what keeps Girl Scouts thriving in communities across the country and is proven to build girls' leadership skills and help them become successful in life."


The virtual cookie booths officially open on Feb. 1. Cookies can also be purchased by contacting a registered Girl Scout you know. You can also visit, text COOKIES to 59618, or use the official Girl Scout Cookie Finder app to find socially distant or contact-free cookie booths if they are available in your area.