'NCIS' Alum Pauley Perrette Reveals Status of Tennessee Relatives After Nashville Tornado

The tornado that devastated Nashville, Tennessee in the early-morning hours Tuesday morning has left roughly 40 buildings destroyed and 25 people dead. While several stars have spoken out, with several more offering monetary support to the victims, Pauley Perrette has alerted fans as to the status of her family who live in the area.

Naturally, Perrette's fans were relieved to hear her deliver the news.

"I'm happy that you're family is safe," wrote one user. "Nashville got a good lick but Cookville is in real bad shape. I lived in Bradley County, TN when we were hit by four Tornadoes on April 27, 2011. An F5 went through our neighborhood. It's that time of year for Dixie Alley."

"I didn't realize you had family there too," wrote another. "But very glad to know they are safe after the tornadoes! Praying for others who weren't so lucky."

"So sorry to all of Nashville and all those who lost their lives Tuesday," added a third.

A number of others have shared their experiences with Tuesday's storm, including American Idol alum Taylor Hicks, who vividly recalled his ordeal in an interview with PEOPLE on Friday.

"I heard the debris. I heard the train sound. I held on for dear life," Hicks recalled. "There, for a moment, it's almost like I went through temporary insanity because it's such a traumatic experience because you don't know at that point where the storm is tracking."

Perrette, meanwhile, has been hard at work drafting a new anti-stalking law, and in early March tweeted out a photo with her and Congressman Adam Schiff to commemorate the occasion. The NCIS alum has a personal history with stalking, which she recently reminded her fans of when she re-shared a 2017 interview she did with 48 Hours.

"I was afraid of my computer," Perrette explained at the time. "Afraid to open it, afraid to check my emails. The whole world is such a frightening place for me."


She also admitted that she was "completely suicidal" at one point, while she struggled to get the police to take her seriously.

"I was told by a police officer once that I should have stayed and let my stalker break my arms so then they would have something to prosecute. I went, 'I don't want my arms broken.'"