National Weather Service Reprimands Reporter for 'Floating' on a Block of Ice

Most of the U.S. Northeast is under brutal ice storms, but one Boston reporter is feeling the heat.

Boston 25 new journalist Kathryn Burcham did a report on the icy conditions while appearing to stand on a floating block of ice, and the National Weather Service is not happy about it.

"We do not recommend going out and floating on icebergs; this is a very dangerous situation along the coastline with major flooding ongoing, peoples homes & other infrastructure becoming inundated and damaged; please observe should you have to from a safe location," the organization's Boston chapter tweeted out.

The initial tweet of what Burcham was doing came from her news editor, Bill Sheerin, who wrote, "Here's [Kathryn Burcham] showing why she's the best in one the business, floating on an ice berg to provide updates."

After the National Weather Service called her out, others jumped in to chide her for being "super irresponsible."


One Twitter user lampooned Sheerin's tweet and said, "Here's [Kathryn Burcham] showing why she's the dumbest one in the business, floating on an ICEBERG TO PROVIDE UPDATES, WHICH YOU COULD JUST HAVE EASILY DONE FROM BASICALLY ANYWHERE ELSE, YOU WALNUT."

Ultimately, Burcham came to her own defense and revealed, "Luckily we were safely on dry land; the sea ice was on pavement. The water was behind us."