National Championship Meltdown: Fan Comes Unhinged Then Beats Down Door

The big college championship game brought out a lot of emotions from a lot of people, but maybe the most affected person is this Georgia fan who had a meltdown and literally destroyed a door.

Nothing like a good national championship sized meltdown @oldrowofficial

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In the clip, the overexcited fan is cheering on the Bulldogs when suddenly they suffer a game-ending tackle and he comes unhinged.

At this point, overwhelmed with frustration, he commences to serve up a Street Fighter-esque beatdown on his bedroom door that completely decimates it.

Many fans turned up in the comments to echo his sentiment, with one writing, "pretty much exactly how it went down. Which reminds me I need to replace the glass on my porch door."

Another person joked, "This is anyone who bet on Georgia last night haha," while someone else said, "Nobody tried to stop him either. His gf must have broken up with him earlier in the day or he lost his job. That's a butt ton of anger!! Damn son!"

Some fans looked past the meltdown outburst and instead commented on the gentleman's wall-decor, which appears to be plaster with old beer boxes.

"Exactly the behavior you'd expect from someone with that type of wall paper," one person said.


Finally, there were some commenters who simply did not believe the video was real, as one posted, "That was fake... nice try though."