Nancy Grace Says Scott Peterson Can't Be Rehabilitated: 'You Couldn't Pay Me Enough to Defend Him'

Nancy Grace weighed in on the case of Scott Peterson, who may get a new trial for the 2002 murder of his wife, which she believes would be a big mistake.

Grace, a television legal analyst famous for her frightening rhetoric on crime, was approached by a TMZ reporter in Atlanta on Tuesday. She was asked about Peterson's request for a mistrial, and said that she hoped it wouldn't come to pass.

"Can somebody like Scott Peterson be rehabilitated?" the reporter asked he bluntly.

"Rehabilitated?!" Grace laughed. "Listen, Scott Peterson is kicked back right now behind bars having a big glass of pruno — you know what that is? That's homemade hooch — talking to his online girlfriends right now, so I don't think he's too worried about what we're talking about."

"Can he be rehabilitated?" she continued. "No, he cannot. My only concern is — and I understand where the family is coming from — they're not going to let this thing go. They're taking it all the way on a writ of habeus corpus, and I'm concerned that some judge may cater to popular opinion and give him a new trial."

"But, you know what? I'm not telling you it all now. Join me tonight on Grace vs. Abrams," she said in a seamless plug of her TV show.

The reporter even appealed to Grace's pride, asking if she could defend Peterson in court if she absolutely had to.

"No," she stated bluntly. "I went to law school, but you couldn't pay me enough money to defend Scott Peterson. I'd rather go out there and sweep the streets before I would defend Scott Peterson."

Grace will be taking an in-depth look at the case on Tuesday night, in a new episode of her show Grace vs. Abrams on A&E. The show pits the two legal analysts against each other, and will include special guests such as Peterson's sister-in-law, his former defense lawyer, a juror from his first trial and a detective from the Modesto Police Department.

The show airs at 10 p.m. ET, and promises to take a close look at all of the new evidence and the possibility that Peterson will be released.


Peterson, now 45, was arrested on April 18, 2003, just over four months after reporting his pregnant wife missing. Less than a week before, police finally recovered wife Laci's remains. They discovered a late term male fetus on the shore near where Peterson claimed to have been boating on the day his wife disappeared. Not long after, they discovered a female torso missing its hands, feet and head, which they identified as Laci.