Mother Accused of Having 18 Affairs, Sleeping With Daughter's Boyfriend

A mom shocked the live audience at the Jeremy Kyle Show after being accused of having 18 affairs and even sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend.

Sharon, who is a mother of six, made an appearance on the show with her daughter, Courtney. Her daughter was checking to see if Sharon's former partner Craig was her real father.

Craig explained to the TV host that he doesn't know for sure if he is the father of all the six children.

"I have six kids with her but she had that many affairs and she's done what she's done," he said. "This woman is so vile she plants the seeds in whatever children she can's minds that I'm not the father."

"And I'm sad to admit that me and Courtney, although close, I'm only 75 per cent sure that she is my daughter because of what that evil woman has told her," Craig continued.

After Craig made these startling accusations, Sharon rushed to the stage yelling that her former partner was a "liar."

"I've had one affair," Sharon said.

Courtney was then brought on stage to explain why she believed that Craig was not her father.

"You said to me about three years ago, drinking, that's not your dad, your dad is dead," Courtney said to her mother. "You told me I was born on the motorway because that's where most accidents happen."

Sharon denied the claim.

"I have never said that Craig is not your dad," she said.

Jeremy interjected by suggesting that Sharon might have been too inebriated to remember exactly what she said to her daughter at the time.

"Maybe you were too off your head to know what you said, love," Jeremy said.

Sharon then yelled at her daughter about her boyfriend.

"And you are high on drugs now?" she said to Courtney. "There's your drug-dealing boyfriend."

A hoodie-wearing youth was then shown in the audience and introduced as Courtney's boyfriend, Ash.

Jeremy then dropped the bombshell that Sharon didn't like Ash because she slept with him before he dated Courtney.

"You had sex with him before your daughter didn't you?" Jeremy said to Sharon. "You don't like him because he picked your daughter."

Craig supported the allegation.

"You've told everyone you've slept with him. Everybody," Craig said.

Once again, Sharon denied the claim. Courtney also didn't believe that her mother had done such a thing.

"Well she was going around saying it but I don't think it is true personally," Courtney said.

The moment of truth finally came when Jeremy revealed to Craig that he actually is Courtney's father.




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