Meth Addict Shoots 28-Year-Old Woman Believing Her to Be His Father Hiding His Identity

A 19-year-old alleged meth addict is accused of shooting and killing a 28-year-old woman because he believed she was his father hiding his identity.

Joseph Saur is alleged to have shot Patience R. Stewart four time in her face while she was lying in her bed, the Daily Mail reports. He then walked about four blocks to the Olathe Police Department to report that he had shot his father in self-defense.

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“Joseph stated he grabbed a gun and shot Patience in self-defense. Joseph said Patience was getting mad at him and was figuring out that Joseph 'knew' about this new identity,” an affidavit stated, going on to say that Saur was “clearly under the influence of some kind of drug.”

Saur reportedly told police that he had figured out that his father had a sex change and was now Patience R. Stewart. He also allegedly told police that he had learned that his father had done bad things and underwent a sex change to help hide his identity.

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Saur’s father told police that he had become increasingly worried about his son’s methamphetamine addiction.

Police discovered Stewart’s body at her Olathe County trailer and stated that there were no signs of a struggle at the scene.

Saur is currently being held on suspicion of first-degree murder.