Menards Under Fire for Encouraging Customers to Visit Stores, Will Now Prohibit Kids and Pets

Retail chain Menards has come under fire lately for encouraging customers to visit their stores during the coronavius pandemic. The Michigan Attorney General's Office reportedly sent the store two separate notices about limiting their operations in order to sustain and protecting the lives of their customers.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel took issue after she noticed the company as still imploring marketing campaigns and promotional tools. "The current climate should not be viewed through the lens of business opportunism where dollars drive decisions over the good of the public's health," Nessel wrote in the second notice. The store is deemed "neccesary," during the quarantine period, as it provides citizens with needed items such as food, health supplies, and cleaning supplies. ABC 12 reports that the store has since issued a public apology over the situation.

Additionally, it has been reported that Menards will start not allowing children under the age of 16 inside their stores, per Fox 11 News. The store will also no longer allow pets in, though service animals will be allowed. The store is adjusting its hours as well, now operating 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m on Sunday.

Many social media users have since been taking to Twitter to comment on the situation. One person stated, "I work at Menards and the parking lot is basically full. Tell me what you could possibly need from here right now that's essential." Someone else exclaimed, "Hey @Menards, how about you just post a sign saying you don't want single parents in your stores. What about the spouses of our Military folks who are running a house while their spouses serve our Country? Unreal!"


"So everyone knows I am a college basketball coach but I also work for Menards to make extra money for my family. Every day I go to work praying for everyone's safety and well being. I am thankful I am able to work at this time to make extra money and help the community," one last user said.

Many other stores — such as Kroger and Walmart — have also been implementing new practices to help maintain social distancing guidelines.