Melania Trump Debuts Dazzling Yellow Dress After Landing in France, and Fans Have All the Takes on the Outfit

Melania Trump wore a floral yellow dress during her visit to France this week, and fans were split over the fashion statement. The First Lady's outfit was mostly yellow, with two purplish-pink flower designs on it. For some fans, it was a bold statement, while others thought it was wrong for the occasion.

Melania Trump was dressed far more brightly than her husband as they arrived in France this weekend. Her dress had a high collar reaching up to to her throat, with a skirt falling down to her shins.

The majority of it was a rich yellow, but there were white and purple patterns blossoming at one shoulder and at the opposite hip. She wore bright red high heels on her feet and a large pair of sunglasses on her face, and her hair hung in a casual, windblown middle part.

"What the heck is that dress," one person wondered on Twitter.

"That dress is vile. Like the people in the photo," added another.

"Go home and change..." a third person advised.

As always, for every negative comment there was a compliment as well. Many supporters marveled at the distinctive dress, calling it one of the First Lady's best looks yet.

"Love First Lady Melania's dress," one person wrote. "Always eager to see what she is wearing. Love her style."

"Our first lady is so beautiful!" added another.

The president and the first lady were visiting France along with many other world leaders to begin the G7 Summit. They gathered in the town of Biarritz at the Hotel du Palais, and many eyes were on the president as he met up with world leaders he had previously criticized. The president himself seemed hopeful about the meeting, and expected everything to go well.

"So far, so good. The weather is perfect," he told reporters, according to The Daily Mail. "Everybody is getting along. And I think we'll accomplish a lot this weekend, and I look forward to it. And thank you for having us."

President Trump joined French President Emanuel Macron at the event, hoping to impose new tariffs on the country. Macron reportedly addressed these new taxes shortly after the president arrived, hoping to find some common ground in spite of their past differences. For him, new taxes were the last thing needed to bolster the economies of their respective countries as well as the world.


"You are a very special guest for us," Macron reportedly said, before adding that they needed to discuss "how to fix the situation in terms of trade" and the "divergences we can have on climate."

The 45th G7 Summit lasts until Monday.