Melania Trump Reveals Simple Thanksgiving Message But Still Receives All Kinds of Backlash

Melania Trump simply wanted to wishes her followers a happy Thanksgiving, but it seems even a message like that draws some backlash. The First Lady, who is married to President Donald Trump, took to social media on Thursday to celebrate the holiday with a simple graphic that read "Happy Thanksgiving" alongside a message encouraging everyone to celebrate with their friends and family. She also noted that those in the U.S. military away from their loved ones are in Americans' "thoughts and prayers."

While well-intentioned, some decided that it did not matter, given her husband's current policy's and recent behavior. As with all things related to the First Family, onlookers brought in recent controversies, as well as few cheap shots of the FLOTUS.

"Is that why you have deported many veterans with no shame..? Because you are thankful...!" one Twitter user wrote.

"Does this message also apply to the migrant children in cages on the border?" a second added. "What about immigrants from those s—hole countries in Africa? Or those very fine Nazis? Check with Donald. See what he thinks..."

A third brought up Donald's multiple marriages, writing, "Will we have a new FLOTUS by Christmas?"

Another commenter went shady for their reply, instead directing their well wishes to former POTUS Barack Obama, writing, "Happy blessed Thanksgiving Mr. President, first lady Michelle, and daughters. We love and miss you all very much!"

While these and others mucked up the Thanksgiving spirit around the posts, there were still plenty of commenters who supported the FLOTUS' well wishes and responded accordingly.

"Thank you First Lady for all you and the President and family do for us," one supporter wrote.

"Happy #Thanksgiving [FLOTUS]!" a second added. "We love you and all in the #Trump family!! Best, most beautiful First Lady!"

Another commented, "We LOVE you and thank the Lord for you and you family Melania."

A fourth stood up for the 49-year-old former model, writing, "The FLOTUS is an asset to our country. Don't forget it. Those that condemn are just jealous and petty."


Another chimed in, saying, "Thank you all for all that you do. Praying continually for the safety of all of you. Happy Thanksgiving and CAN'T WAIT to see your ALWAYS AMAZING Christmas decor!"

Photo Credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images