Melania Trump Speaks With Florida School Shooting Survivor in New Photo

A 16-year-old survivor of last month's Parkland, Florida school shooting got a chance to meet with Melania Trump this past March and share with her an invention he hopes makes a difference.

(Photo: White House / Andrea Hanks)

Kashuv, who has become a frequent guest on FOX News with his pro-gun rights position, was able to visit the White House on March 8 to show the First Lady an app he had created that offers help for students suffering from emotional problems.

The White House snapped the photo and shared it to their social media, including Flickr for public domain.

While the 16-year-old conservative finds himself at odds with many of his peers and those looking to create change for gun control after the deadly mass school shooting that killed 17, the Stoneman Douglas student boasted about his trip on social media for the history-making moment.

"Reliving the moment I met [First Lady of the U.S.] and then [she] telling me 'I'm going to walk you out' and somehow getting lost and winding up in the west wing and somehow into the Oval Office to meet [President of the United States] [Donald Trump] never gets old. THANK YOU," Kashuv tweeted.

Melania Trump recognized the student on Twitter as well, writing, "Wonderful to meet [Kyle Kashuv] today. His message of unity is one we should all share. Thank you for visiting us at the [White House] and hope you enjoyed your surprise meeting with [Donald Trump]."

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Kashuv has always been "outspoken," and "saw there wasn't a conservative Second Amendment supporter being represented."

The teenager hopes to help students on both sides of the debate to "work together" to find solutions for safety concerns.


Kashuv goes on share that he supports gun safety proposals from Sen. Marco Rubio, particularly the ones that include an "intervention program for students with behavioral problems, enhanced criminal background checks and requiring the FBI to notify when someone buys a gun that they failed a background check."

Kashuv has taken to social to share an abundance of his White House adventures, including meeting Vice President Mike Pence.