Is First Lady Melania Trump Going to Divorce President Donald Trump?

Online speculation that First Lady Melania Trump will divorce President Donald Trump is spiking, according to Google statistics.

After news broke of Vanessa Trump and Donald Trump Jr.'s divorce filing, many on the internet began to wonder if a White House divorce was on the horizon.

As Inquisitor points out, Google searches for “Melania Trump files for divorce” rose 70%, and searches for “Melania Trump filed for divorce” went up 40%.

Some of this was most likely misinformed searchers think it was Trump Sr. who was in the middle of a divorce scandal instead of Trump Jr. However, it is safe to assume some searches were done by those prying for speculation and rumors of Melania-Donald split.

Social media also lit up with speculation about Melania and Donald's marriage, especially in the wake of the Stormy Daniels scandal.

Many on Twitter sounded off saying that the First Lady should follow Vanessa's lead cut ties with her husband.

"Now that Vanessa Trump is filing for divorce, Melania Trump should as well," one Twitter user wrote. "She would still be good. She would still retain Secret Service protection for life as a former First Lady and a generous pension from the Fed."


Another user commented, "At least one women I the Trump family has brains and files for divorce. Hopefully next one is Melania Trump."

Photo Credit: The White House / Shealah Craighead