Melania Trump Causes Uproar With New Blonde Hairdo

First Lady Melania Trump recently debuted a new blonde hairdo, and it has caused quite the uproar on social media.

The FLOTUS first showed off the new look during a recent interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity.

Following the interview's airing, many social media users began to comment on the look, with many expressing that they are not a fan.

"Melania Trump is an opportunist! Going blonde to capitalize from Ivana Trump's signature blonde look," one Twitter user wrote, shading Trump for both her look and for calling comedians and journalist "opportunists" during her interview.

"Look at the chryon! Most are pointing out that Melania TRUMP is remaking herself into Ivanka but with the disgusting blonde tint & weird orange glow to her face, it's Donald," another person quipped. "At least when Melania has a fake tan, she has good sense not to wear goggles like Donald does!"

"What's with the blonde hair all of a sudden? It looks awful on you," someone else tweeted, "trying to look like one of your husband's extra-marital women???"

"Dear [FLOTUS], I volunteer as tribute to fix this mess only so myself and the rest of the American public aren't terrorized by this awful blonde," one other individual commented.

In addition to the criticisms of her new hair color, the First Lady's favorably has reportedly fallen 11 percent in the past two months, according to CNN.


The news outlet reports that Trump's favorability rating in October was at around 54 percent, but it is now sitting at 43 percent.

The First Lady does not appear to have publicly commented on her favorability rating drop.