Megyn Kelly Slams President Joe Biden's Call for Unity: 'It's All Nonsense'

During his inauguration speech, President Joe Biden called upon America to unite no matter what side of the fence their beliefs lie as he attempts to restore a country devastated by COVID-19 and social unrest. But former Fox News personality, Megyn Kelly, was among those who aren’t buying Biden’s call for unity. Kelly, who also worked as a host on NBC News for two years, appeared on Glenn Beck’s show before the weekend to explain why she felt the country would not be uniting despite Biden’s plea to do so.

“It’s all nonsense,” she went on. “I like a good inauguration and a good speech just as much as anybody and I feel patriotic whenever I witness them and I root for the president and I root for America in the way that you described.” Kelly, though, called unity “fool’s gold” as she doesn’t believe Democrats truly believe what they are calling for. During his speech on Wednesday, Biden emphasized the importance of coming together after four years of social divide and unrest. He honed in on his desire to serve the entire country, not just those who supported him, and that differing opinions are what makes up a democracy.

The former talk show host continued her media tour on the BBC over the weekend as she spoke about the media’s hate for the former president. She explained that all of these outlets, not just CNN, “couldn’t check their own personal feelings about him” when it came to covering his four-year term. She then blamed the media’s coverage, which caused a lack of trust among the nation according to Kelly, for inciting the Capitol riots earlier in January.

While Kelly was in the news over the weekend, Biden didn’t waste much time getting implemented into his presidency. He signed multiple executive orders on his first day of office overriding prior rules and regulations that were passed by Trump. One of those on Sunday included reenacting travel restrictions on European travelers as well as South Africans. One week before this, Trump has lifted these same restrictions, stating that it was to keep Americans safe but also to begin resuming safe international travels.