Meghan Markle's Sister Samantha Reveals She Is Writing Second Book

Meghan Markle’s estranged half-sister Samantha Markle has announced the upcoming release of a second tell-all book about her royal sister.

Samantha made the announcement in a tweet over the weekend, revealing that her upcoming book In the Shadows of the Duchess will be followed just months later by a sequel, In the Shadows of the Duchess II.

“I couldn’t help but let it slip,” Samantha wrote on Twitter, according to The Sun. “There are actually two books coming out! In the Shadows of the Duchess I and II #April #June #booklove #Markle #Samantha #Royal #History #family.”

According to Samantha’s tweet, In the Shadows of the Duchess I will be released in April, around the same time that the Duchess of Sussex is expected to give birth, with the sequel being released in June, just two months later.

“And you will love some of the pictures in my book also to refute any of your nasty troll gossip that we did not have a life together,” she added in a second tweet. “I'm very much your sister and if you don't like it too bad. Bring it on.. I think everyone should take a lie detector test.”

Previously titled The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister, the book was later retitled to A Tale of Two Sisters before settling on its current title. It was also slated for an earlier release date, but Samantha revealed in an interview with the U.K.’s Daily Star Online that she was forced to push the first book’s debut back because “there was so much more I wanted to get in before it ended.”

“From lullabies to’s all they’re [sic] in my book. In The Shadows Of The Duchess covers everything…the world does not know truth total truth…(I’m) holding nothing back!” she added at the time. “The book covers everything that goes on behind the scenes that the world does not know and trust me there is a lot.”


Samantha has also hinted that In the Shadows of the Duchess I will detail a family feud involving Tyler Dooley, Markle’s nephew and the son of her brother. Thomas Markle Jr. Dooley has frequently spoken out about his family and their comments regarding the Duchess and the Royal Family.

Samantha, who has not had contact with Markle in years, has not yet detailed what the contents of her second book, In the Shadows of the Duchess II, will cover.