Meghan Markle's Outspoken Sister Samantha Reacts to Royal Couple's Christmas Card

At least one person isn't a fan of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Christmas card.

On Friday, Samantha Markle, the estranged half-sister of the Duchess of Sussex, took to her private Twitter account to once again slam her sister, this time turning her focus to the recently unveiled Christmas card that she claims is representative of the tension within the Markle family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's Christmas card, released by Kensington Palace on Friday, featured a never-before-seen photo of the couple on their wedding night, the newlyweds with their backs to the camera as they watched fireworks in the distance over their evening reception at Frogmore House.

"Interesting that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have their backs turned," she wrote, according to E! News. "Is this towards the world or just the Ragland and Markle family? It's a bit sad. Face the Christmas spirit."

The Duke and Duchess' holiday card was vastly different from the two other Christmas cards from the royal family released by Kensington Palace. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's card featured Prince William and Kate Middleton, as well as their three children, dressed in casual clothing as they posed next to a tree. The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall's card featured a photograph taken of the two by Hugo Burnand in the garden of Clarence House, the couple facing towards the camera.

The fact that Markle and Prince Harry had their backs turned towards the camera was something that Samantha dubbed "incredibly rude" in a number of tweets posted on Saturday.

"It's incredibly rude to turn your back in a Christmas photo that is meant to share warmth and good wishes with the world," she wrote. "those. that criticize me for pointing out the truth, need to get that brown stuff off their noses. I hear the worlds smallest violin playing."


"turn your backs to people on a Christmas card is rude," she continued in another tweet. "if you want to be private you don't do it on a Christmas card but the world sees. That's like saying merry Christmas look at my butt."

The Duchess and Samantha have notably had a strained relationship, with Markle reportedly not having had contact with her estranged half-sister for years. Although tensions between the two seemed to be lessening in recent weeks, with Samantha even offering her sister an apology for how she has acted in the months and weeks leading up to and preceeding the royal wedding, Samantha is set to release a "tell-all" book titled In the Shadows of the Duchess detailing her sister's secrets and lies.