McDonald's Expands McCafe Bakery Lineup With Delicious New Item, But There's a Catch

McDonald's is expanding its McCafé Bakery menu yet again! Already offering treats like doughnuts and apple fritters, as well as several coffee options, the Golden Arches is preparing to launch an all-new dessert: Caramel Banana Macarons. Ordering the delicious treat won't be easy, though, as McDonald's will only be offering the new McCafé menu item in a single country, with the treat set to debut on McDonald's Japan menus later this month.

McDonald's Japan first teased the new treat on Sunday, April 10, when it shared a photo showing banana slices drizzled with caramel with a central image of the then-mysterious new menu item blocked out, though the accompanying caption did confirm it was a macaron. The chain said the flavor profile was defined by both "richness and sweetness." Entabe later confirmed that the Caramel Banana Macaron was set to launch in Japan.

According to the outlet, the Caramel Banana Macaron will roll out at McDonald's locations across Japan on Wednesday, April 20. The new treat will be available through mid-August, though McDonald's has not given an exact retirement date for the Caramel Macaron. The treat will be sold at stores with McCafe by Barista, a corner where McDonald's full-time baristas serve coffee.

The Caramel Banana Macaron features crispy dough and is "covered with cream that allows you to enjoy the sweetness of savory caramel and the taste of tropical bananas." It will be available in several ordering options, including individually and as part of the standard "6 Macarons Box Set" and "2 Macarons & Cafe Latte Set." The 6 Macarons Box Set includes a choice of six macaroons in five flavors, with the 2 Macarons & Cafe Latte Set including two macarons in your choice of flavor as well as a medium hot or iced cafe latte.

While the Caramel Banana Macaron is a new menu item, McDonald's has offered macarons in select locations for some time now. McDonald's Japan alone offers green tea, chocolate, vanilla, citron, and raspberry macarons, according to The Street, and France also offers a line of macarons that includes flavors like salted butter and pistachio. Macarons were first introduced back in 2013 when they debuted on menus across Australia with flavors like chocolate, cappuccino, coconut, chocolate mint, strawberry cream, and salted caramel. Despite their popularity, McDonald's hasn't introduced macarons to its U.S. market just yet.