McDonald's Manager Busted for Selling Cocaine by Hiding It in Food Orders

A night-shift manager at a 24-hour McDonald's in New York City was recently arrested for selling cocaine to customers by hiding it in food orders, according to a press release from the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor for the City of New York.

Frank Guerrero was charged after allegedly selling the drug to undercover police officers eight times. Three sales reportedly took place in the restaurant while five were handled in the vicinity of the restaurant's parking lot. On two occasions, Guerrero allegedly sold the drugs to an officer over the counter.

The release states that while night customers are typically only allowed to order from the drive-thru window, Guerrero allowed his narcotics customers to come into the restaurant, unlocking the door for them. Prosecutors say that during the over-the-counter sales, the cocaine was hidden in a cookie bag and covered with two cheeseburgers, fries and a soda.

On one occasion, Guerrero reportedly made a sale to an undercover officer in a bathroom, retrieving the cocaine from a soap dispenser. The officer then sat in the restaurant and Guerrero served them a bag of food.


In addition to the arrest, police conducted a search of Guerrero's home and recovered 200 grams of cocaine and around $5,300 in cash. The money was found in a dresser in a child's play room.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @McDonalds