McDonald's Brought Back the Popular 'American' Burger Series

McDonald's Japan is known for being far more creative than its American cousin, but its new items shouldn't seem that crazy to Americans. That's because they are the "American Deluxe" burgers and other "American" items.

mcdonalds deluxe american
(Photo: McDonald's Japan)

As SoraNews24 reports, McDonald's Japan brought back the "American Deluxe" items on Nov. 1. These are two sandwiches that haven't been offered in over three years and bring an "American" flavor to the restaurants.

The first is the Deluxe Cheese Beef burger. This one has a thick beef patty, strips of bacon, sliced cheddar cheese, cheddar cheese sauce, lettuce and pickles between a special cheese-topped bun. The Deluxe Cheese Chicken sandwich has everything you'll find in the beef burger, but with crispy fried chicken instead.

mcdonalds deluxe chicken
(Photo: McDonald's Japan)

Both the Beef and Chicken sandwiches cost 490 yen, or $4.30 in U.S. dollars.

The Deluxe Cheese Muffin is like a Bacon Egg McMuffin, but with a slice of cheddar cheese and cheese sauce. That costs 330 yen, or $2.90.

cheddar potato
(Photo: McDonald's Japan)

Lastly, you can add the American Cheddar Potato to your meal. These are mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese packed in bite-sized chunks coated with crispy batter.

So if McDonald's meals aren't cheesy enough for you at home, you can find even cheesier sandwiches in Japan. However, you will have to plan your trip soon. The American Deluxe Menu items will only be available for a limited time.