McDonald's Holiday Pies Make Anticipated Return in Time for Christmas

With less than two weeks left until Christmas, McDonald's fans are learning that the burger chain has brought back its holiday pies. The menu item is a Christmas version of the traditional apple pies, with vanilla custard replacing the apple filling. Holiday pies are covered in sugar and rainbow sprinkles decorating the cookie-like crust.

As Eater points out, McDonald's has been responding to fans who have asked about the holiday pies. Unfortunately, the holiday pies are not available at every McDonald's, so the chain suggests fans call their nearest location to see if they have it before heading out for one.

"Menu items can vary by restaurant. You should reach out to your favorite location to see if they will have the Holiday Pie this year," McDonald's told one fan on Sunday.

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Thanks to their rarity, fans have taken to Twitter to express their frustration at not being able to get one.

"Why does my McDonald's not have holiday pies?? do you know how bad this ruins my HOLIDAYS?!" one fan tweeted.

"[McDonald's] is unacceptable that the Holiday Pies are not sold in Mobile, Alabama ... I've called every store up here and they don't sell them anywhere ..why?" one angry Alabama customer wrote.

"I have been to 4 different [McDonald's] looking for holiday pies and nobody has them. I panicked at the last one and ordered a 20pc of chicken nuggets because I didn't want to look dumb driving off after asking for these non existent pies ugh! Last year everybody had them," another complained.

If you cannot find the holiday pies, the traditional apple pies are still widely available. Uber Eats teamed up with McDonald's this week to offer two free apple pies with any order of $15 or more at a McDonald's location between Dec. 13 and 19, reports Eater. Customers just have to remember to add the pies to their carts to get them for free.

Earlier this week, McDonald's announced plans to launch their own fried chicken sandwich to better directly compete with Chick-fil-A and Popeyes. The sandwich is being tested in Houston, Texas and Knoxville, Tennessee.

There will be two options available. The Crispy Sandwich is "simply topped with butter and crinkle cut dill pickles" and the Deluxe edition is "topped with tomatoes, lettuce, and mayo." The sandwiches are served on a "tasty buttery potato roll."


The sandwiches will be available in a test phase in the two markets through Jan. 26.

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