Watch: The Scariest McDonald's Halloween Costume You've Ever Seen

With Halloween coming up, a terrifying costume known by some as the "Happy Meal Killer" is making the rounds on social media and serving up a chill.

Originally posted in 2016 and re-shared by VT on Facebook, the video of a clown reminiscent of Ronald McDonald is seen holding the severed head of McDonald's beloved mascot.

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The video has raked in a whopping 31 million views, more than 188,000 reactions and 530,000 shares.

Social media enthusiasts and fans of the fast food joint had many feelings about the video, with some in favor of the costume's originality and others, not so much.

"I think this is gross especially for kids!!! What example are we setting for our children and people wonder why kids do these kinds of things," Elizabeth Ochoa Castillo wrote.

Another agreed with her, writing, "That just makes me so angry. A clown is supposed to be a happy childhood memory. But nowadays with the killer clowns and all that children are terrified of clowns even some adults."

Samantha Morris of Delaware expressed her concern for children, especially during trick or treating.

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"To me, this is not funny at all," she wrote. "Walking in day light so kids can see and get scared [because] someone think this is some big joke, it's not. Kids like Ronald McDonald he happy and fun not scary. Teens are taken this to far banned the creepy clown, rabbit, and more heads this is crazy."


But a few others saw the humor in the morbid video, with New York native Crispulo Urbaez saying there's no need to "add a scary face" to the monster that is Ronald McDonald.

"Ronald McDonald has murdered more people with Diabetes, High Cholesterol, and Obesity than anyone else combined," he wrote.