McDonald's Drive Thru Confusion Might Have You Double Check The Receipt

Thanks to the rise of delivery services spreading through all facets of the food industry, many folks are taking chances with their orders. While it seems perfect on paper, it is also a service that workers from these chains aren't always trained to handle. So when things go awry, the result can be a dream for some or a nightmare for others.

TikTok has become the home to these viral clips showing today's odd, chaotic world of fast food. McDonald's is the specific focus of this latest clip posted by a reported Uber Eats driver who ends up with a ton of food he wasn't supposed to get. According to The Daily Dot, the driver films themselves in the short clip and captures the workers' panic inside the McDonald's, all trying to collect the order and make sense of what's going in the bag.


10 minutes of them trying to figure out who we were, the worker literally said “i’m so confused” 😭😭

♬ we are all confused – cindy lu ❥

The final result is a bag of food featuring another person's order. "McDonald's handing us a whole bag of food, not realizing we're an Uber Eats driver and letting us keep it," the driver writes under the video. "10 minutes of them trying to figure out who we were, the worker literally said, 'I'm so confused,'" the caption read.

Many were quick to point out that the Uber Eats driver was not following the proper procedure himself in the video. "Aren't you supposed to like park n pick it up not go through the drive thru?" one critic asked the driver in the comments. Another added, "I work at McDonald's and I would recommend that right when u get to the window where the hand out orders you let them know that ur a delivery person."

This prompted a quick response by the original poster of the clip, attempting to clear the air and prove they didn't break some unwritten law. "Idk why everyone thinks we were trying to like finesse McDonald's, it was a miscommunication on both parts. we gave the food to some homeless people, so little to no harm done. Stop coming for me," they wrote in a later comment.

And the silver lining of this tale is that the mistaken food did not go to waste like it would have if taken back to the restaurant. Instead, the driver ended up giving the bag of grub to a homeless person.