Parkland Student Throws up on Stage During Her March for Our Lives Speech

Hundreds of thousands of people rallied in Washington D.C. on Saturday for the March for Our Lives pro-gun control event.

Many survivors of the recent Parkland Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School gave speeches at the rally, including Sam Fuentes. Unfortunately she got just a little too excited at one point during her speech and vomited onstage.

"Day in and day out our kids are getting shot up. And the moment we speak up we're scolded that we are not old enough. It is as if we need permission to ask our friends not to die. Lawmakers and politicians will scream 'Guns are not the issue,' but can't look me in the eye—."

Fuentes then felt sick and crouched below the podium to throw up. But much to the delight of the crowd, she quickly calmed down and began speaking again.

"I just threw up on international television, and it feels great!" Fuentes exclaimed. "We're not asking for a ban, we're asking for compromise. Forget your sides and colors, let's save one another. Use efficient regulation that doesn't make any exception. Close the cracks and loopholes with thorough background checks and psychological evaluation. Protect our schools, like we do our other government establishments.

"And one more request," Fuentes said. "Listen."

Many supporters watching along at home applauded Fuentes for powering through her nerves to continue to speak.

"Oh, sweet girl. I've had debate kids throw up from stage fright. It can happen to anybody," a Twitter user wrote.

"Sis really said one sec to throw up n continue her speech im proud," one user tweeted.

"Just watched a young girl throw up on stage because she is begging for her life. Her friends lives. So scared that she is puking but so brave she did it on national TV," another wrote.


OMG girl just threw up on TV and her sister held her hair and she kept f—ing going. These b— got ovaries, yo," another user tweeted.

"That was a sober reminder that these are KIDS, and just a month ago she watched her classmates die right in front of her as she dodged bullets in her school," while another wrote.