'Making a Murderer': Steven Avery's Relative Details Troubling Incident Tied to Alleged Family Coverup

Brendan Dassey's half-brother is opening up about the details of an alleged family coverup and framing in the case at the center of Netflix's Making A Murderer.

Following a new theory in the case proposed by Steven Avery's criminal attorney Kathleen Zellner that points towards Dassey's brother, Bobby Dassey, being the true culprit of the 2005 murder of Theresa Halbach, Dassey's half-brother, Brad Dassey, is opening up about Barb Tadych's potential aid in the coverup.

Speaking to The Blast, Brad recalled a suspicious conversation he had with Tadych, Avery's sister, in which she asked him to look at the computer during a family trip to visit Dassey at Sheboygan County Correctional Institution before he was convicted. That computer has since become the focal point of Zellner's argument.

"She said that she hired someone to erase the computer because it was not working correctly," Brad said. "I asked her what was on the computer and she stated directly to my face that there was pornography and viruses on the computer."

"I find it strange that she was telling me that the computer was not working correctly after someone else who was supposed to be a professional computer repair technician, repaired her computer. I also believe that it could have been a ploy to strike up a conversation and possibly make it seem innocent," Brad continued.

He added that Tadcyh went on to ask him a "simple yet loaded question" that made him suspicious that "maybe she knew more than she was telling" when she inquired if all data gets deleted from a computer once it's erased.

That question prompted Brad to go to the police the next day, though Tadych told investigators in 2017 that she was unaware if anyone had downloaded porn on the device and had only asked Brad to "make her computer faster."

The computer initially became a focal point in the case last year after Zellner submitted a motion claiming it "contains images of Ms. Halbach, violent pornography and dead bodies of young females viewed by Bobby at relevant time periods before and after the murder of Ms. Halbach."


Earlier this month, Zellner shifted focus back to the computer when detailing her theory that another family member had committed the crime and had framed her client. That family member, she claimed, was Bobby, who had access to the computer and reportedly has a history with sexual violence. Zellner supported her theory by pointing out that Bobby and Avery were the only people who saw Halbach at the Avery Salvage Yard on the day that she was murdered. She also pointed to blood evidence used in the case.

Both Dassey and Avery are serving life sentences after having been convicted of Halbach's murder, though their convictions have been the center of controversy in the wake of the debut of Making a Murderer.