Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Might Be Without Balloons This Year, Report Says

Giant balloons are the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade's main attraction, but it looks like the holiday staple may have to just go on without them. As CBS12 reports, the weather conditions on Thursday could ruin the usual plans for a parade of high-flying cartoon characters soaring through the streets of New York City. The outlet cites the National Weather Service, which is predicting winds in the 18-21 mph range. Furthermore, there could be wind gusts clocking in at 38-40 mph.

These winds speeds could conflict with the local ruling that the parade cannot take place when sustained wind exceed top 23 mph or if wind gusts top 34 mph. The sustained wind speed is cutting it close as is, but the wind gust projection is already several mph over the allotted limit.

The law was put in place after the Cat in the Hat balloon was struck by wind gusts, blew into a lamp post and injured four parade attendees back in 1997. So, while it may ruin some viewers' Thanksgiving traditions, safety is the ultimate goal here.

The outlet also notes that the parade was only canceled for bad weather once back in 1971. No laws that forbid the parade from being held were on the books, but organizers aired on the side of caution and grounded that year's balloons.

Despite this warning from meteorologists, Macy's has not alluded any decision about grounding balloons or calling off the parade. Over on Twitter, they are still hyping up the Thanksgiving Day festivities, including a look at the construction of new floats and balloons.

Despite all the weather worries, fans in the replies of Macy's' recent parade tweets seem to be excited as ever for the festivities.

"I've been watching the parade my whole life, and at 47 I will be in attendance for the very first time in NYC!" one Twitter user wrote.

Another added, "That looks awesome! I just hope they show more of the parade than of the announcers talking this year. "


A third added, "I am so pumped for the #MacysParade for Thanksgiving."

Photo Credit: Atilgan Ozdil/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images