Lucky Charms Will Not Be the Same Without This Marshmallow

The sand in the hourglass is running low for one beloved Lucky Charms marshmallow.

The iconic, and much beloved, yellow hourglass that has decorated cereal bowls across the world since 2008 will sadly be retiring, making way for a new marshmallow to make the cereal equally as “magically delicious.”

The cereal brand announced the departure of the hourglass to its followers on Twitter, writing “the time is running out on the hourglass. Grab a box while you still can.”

“The hourglass has been a part of Lucky Charms since 2008, but as with any hourglass, its time is up,” a representative for General Mills told PEOPLE.

News of the marshmallows departure is leaving nostalgic fans in a somber mood.

“Why does lucky charms think they can just retire the hourglass marshmallow,” one Twitter user question, going on to point out that their traditional jingle “Hearts, Stars, and Horseshoes, Clovers and Blue Moons, hourglasses, Rainbows, and Tasty Red Balloons” will no longer be accurate.

One avid fan of the hourglass even sent out a PSA to her followers, writing “the yellow hourglass marshmallow is being removed from all Lucky Charms...the reason? I don’t know. Am I heartbroken? Yes. Everyone go out and buy Lucky Charms with the yellow hourglass marshmallow while you can!!”

This isn’t the first time that Lucky Charms has retired one of their iconic marshmallows, the hourglass being only one of now eight marshmallows to head to the Lucky Charms graveyard.


In 1975, the cereal sent the blue diamond packing, doing the same with the purple horseshoe in 1983. The swirled whale (1986), red balloon (1989), rainbow (1992), pot of gold (1994,) and shooting star (1998) have also all come and gone.

As for what charm could possibly be replacing the hourglass? General Mills is keeping pretty tight-lipped, telling fans that they’ll just “have to wait and see.